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“Don’t worry dad, I’m sure I can change him”

In this 'Tableau Vivant' Malsagūlo wants to give a small impression of what can possibly happen during that one special day, your much anticipated wedding day. Basically it's about everything that can go wrong when you put colleagues, friends, uncles & aunties all together in one setting. Give them some food and drinks and see what happens next.

It's a small reflection on people who –in their daily lives– probably have a perfect reputation, a good job, a nice house, a perfect family. But for some reason feel they have to lose all sense of civilization in certain circumstances.

In this scene it is a wedding, but you can see it happen in all sorts of occasions… think about all these supporter clans that feel the need to become neanderthales at some point… we live in peculiar times.

Building the artwork in pictures

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