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The world seems in a constant turmoil lately. On daily basis, human lives are becoming just collateral damage for world leaders with their own twisted visions of world dominance, personal ambitions and geopolitical violence. In these times it's important to reflect on core values that still have great importance. This work is a continuation of Candy Store Classic I and contains its follow up of the next articles of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. Made also with alphabet cookies… basically because for some world leaders, this declaration still seems to have the value of a crumbling cookie


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Candy Store Classic II

    • Text composition with alphabet cookies
    • Cast in Art Epoxy LV
    • Size: 60 cm x 90 cm X 3 cm
    • Signature added in the artwork
    • Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity
    • Ready to hang
    • Weight +- 15 kg
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