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The artwork combines 3844 glass head pins into one image. Some quite infamous 'pricks' in history started their careers as quite ordinary and often just young tugs. It raises the question: what if we –when they were youngsters– would have been able to pin them down as the infamous 'pricks' they would become later in life…It's a question we can ask ourselves.

The least you can say is that they have a blood red handprint all over them and should be depicted with a border in the color of blood.


The artwork depicts the quite infamous Joseph Stalin, who started off as a regular street tug and co-organiser of strikes and riots. The artwork is based on a police photograph of Stalin, taken in 1902, when he was 23 years old


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Pin The Prick I - Joseph Stalin, 1902

    • 3844 glass head pins on hardfoam board
    • Hand finished with the artist's red hand print
    • Presented in a custom made acrylic box
    • Size acryllic box: 35 cm x 35 cm X 6,5 cm
    • Size artwork: 25 cm X 25 cm
    • Hand signed on the back
    • Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity
    • Stands on its own
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