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We are living in a world in turmoil, a world where we are struggling with wildfires at one side of the planet and flooding at the other. But we –as humans– don't seem to be able to see the urgency and make the necessary u-turn for a livable planet.

At the same time we keep pushing some co-habitants of our blue marble to the edge of extinction. During its long existence, our planet already suffered 5 massive waves of extinction. Currently, biologists are talking more and more often about the sixth wave of extinction provoked in many respects by human beings. We are causing a huge amount of species to be pushed to the edge of extinction. And it's happening at an alarming speed. Let's give these critical endagered species the bright coloured reflector status they need. This one is dedicted to the Pongo Pygmaeus, the Bornean orangutan.


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Reflections on the Sixth Wave I - Pongo Pygmaeus

    • Composition with adhesive reflector strips on an acrylic plate
    • Finished with 2 acrylic plates, front and back
    • In reflecting colors red, blue, green and yellow
    • Size: 60 cm x 90 cm
    • Standalone
    • Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity
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